Tryk på billede op i stor

Nu kan der tankes BP 91UL på EKRK.

UL91 self-serve for Copenhagen Roskilde

From July 1st, our Sterling Card location at Copenhagen Roskilde in Denmark (RKE/EKRK) will be offering UL91 fuel via self-serve facility so you can now access all three grades of fuel at the airport. Conveniently, you can access the self-serve facility 24 hours a day which is easy to use, safe and highly efficient.

Remember, as part of our mis-fuel prevention checks you will need to have a specific Air BP UL91 Sterling card to purchase this grade. These can be ordered by clicking on the manage cards link in the newsletter.

Roskilde is Denmark’s largest general aviation and Avgas location with two large flying schools onsite – Copenhagen Air Taxi and Center Air Pilot Academy. The airport offers good facilities for general aviation customers via Roskilde Executive Handling who offer a wide range of handling services and a premium FBO with a VIP lounge, crew lounge and rest facilities. Roskilde is located 30km west of Copenhagen.

Customers should note that UL91 is priced at 50 cents per litre less than 100LL excluding taxes and 1,26 DKK less than 100LL including taxes. This means that UL91 is 1,26 DKK per litre less expensive than 100LL for a private pilot who is not tax exempt.
Copenhagen Roskilde (RKE/EKRK)

Fuel available: Jet A1, 100LL, UL91 (via self-serve)
Opening hours: 07:00-22:00; self-serve – 24 hours.
Pre-advisal required for non-scheduled flights: No
Full details on this location, including contact information, can be found on Where to Find